What’s the reason? A human is created from soil. What’s the extract of the soil means?

What’s the reason? A human is created from soil. What’s the extract of the soil means?


Whenever a man thinks about his status and rank in this world he at first compares himself with the rest of the people that those people who are like a star in this world or who are like a beacon house in this world what is their status and what is mine. And when he gets to know about his merit he begins to pave a path whose destiny should be remarkable. So much remarkable that the world tries to emulate him. Dreams, feelings, and direction of thinking play a key role in the determination of man’s destiny.

Whatever the objectives of man may be, either worldly or religious, first of all, he needs to take a deep plunge in himself. Who is he? Why is he? What are his abilities? What he is capable of? This journey of knowing himself is too long that the personality of a man becomes unpredictable. Then either he is on his highs or he is on his lows or he is somewhere maintaining his middle line in between the extremes. Sometimes he is Shaheen and sometimes he is a bird tangled in the net of his predator. On one hand, he is the luckiest person in the world and on the other hand, he is defeated by the luck himself. Everyone can not catch these ups and downs of life. Everyone can not know Allah’s philosophies behind these ups and downs. That is why a man gets in a state of doubt, in a state of confusion about himself.


In Surah Al Mou’minoon (Chapter 23), Allah Almighty says that we have created man from the extract of the soil. The author of the Quran tells us something about the creation of a man. He says that He has made a man not only from the soil but from an extract of soil. When we check the composition of soil there is a long list of elements Google is showing us calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, silicon, iron, etc. But what Allah Almighty says that we are created by extract of soil, by the summary of soil or by the compact of soil. When we write a summary of a chapter what we do? We write the specifics and we skip the extras. So, Allah is saying that whenever you will ponder on yourselves according to this book you will discover who you really are. You will discover your core. You have all those characteristics that a soil possesses. You have so much potential that is built in you.


Now a question arises why Allah has made us from soil only? Why He has not chosen rose water or gold water for our creation? Why not silver is being chosen?  Why not any other element from the periodic table or any other mixture found in this universe? Because in comparison to all the other elements in this universe only soil has the capability to grow. Only soil can nourish. If soil is given an adequate amount of sunlight, optimum temperature and lots of water then it has the ability to tear the chest of the ground and embellish itself with beautiful buds. For sure, this process requires surplus hard work and manpower but the results are also shocking. In the same way, if a person is given a proper amount of reality checks, the optimum intensity of rays of hope and lots of appreciation then his flourishes. His buds bloom as well his tree produces fruits. And then not only his tree fruits but his inner self also gets purifies. He then helps others by his shade, his leaves as well as by his capability to convert CO2 into O2. So, it doesn’t matter that if a hurricane comes or a storm, it doesn’t matter that clouds are sending down rain or hail a true believer does not let himself down. Ignorance does not suit to Momin. Whenever clouds of disappointment cover your sky remember that it will rain and from this rain, your roots will get water (IN SHA ALLAH).



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