Science and mankind

Science and mankind

Science is the light for darkened minds. Science has provided a new dimension to our life. Today we are living in the era of science and technology. There are tremendous miracles of science. Science isn’t the invention of today in fact it is growing from centuries, whenever man observed his surroundings and himself it resulted in science. Countless comforts and facilities are available to human beings because of science. The progress of the country is decided on the bases of the science level it owns. The marvelous fields and applications of science which have altered our standard of living are provided below:


This branch of science has enabled us to have knowledge about animals including human begins. Their physiology, anatomy, pathology, biochemistry, psychological, biogeography, sexual and territorial behaviors all are included in it. Now we know different species and each has a recognizable scientific name. by studying their characteristics we have applied animals for a cause in various fields. Zoology has provided evolutionary links of an organism to his close ancestors. This helped doctors and pharmacists to examine the effects of surgery and medicines on closely related animals rather than directly applying them on humans. Many sea animals are used in the food industry to fulfill food requirements as they have nutrition rates well.

Agricultural field:

Agriculture is the backbone of every country. Through science, we have the quantity and quality of crops. Disease strength of plants is improved. Infertile lands are being recovered to increase per capita production. The fertilizers are much more than just being nutrient boosters; they provide disease resistance and develop desired characteristics in plants. Using green house technique we have become capable of enjoying vegetables and fruits at any season. Nurseries grow large amount of seedlings at a time which are then planted into pots and so on to different crop fields. Seedless varieties of fruits have been produced using photoperiods variables. Agriculturist is cultivating artificial forest for preventing deforestation and environmental instability. Agriculturist makes sure to protect plants form pest, wasp, weeds etc. Trimming branches of trees resulted in decreased wilting of plants and this method also increased the per tree. Through science, we have better cultivating equipments. Different machines are used for planting seeds, watering plants, trimming, screening and harvesting.

weeds etc. Trimming branches of trees resulted in decreased wilting of plants and this method also increased the per tree. Through science, we have better cultivating equipments. Different machines are used for planting seeds, watering plants, trimming, screening and harvesting.

Chemistry and life:

Everything has some chemistry we cannot understand anything without its chemistry. If we look living organisms we first have to study their compositions and biomolecules present in them, in other words it falls in biochemistry. Organic chemistry is very important; there are billions of organic compounds which are being used in medicines, synthetic fibers, food industry, laboratory cultures etc. inorganic chemistry has its approach to industrial corners. Paints, plastic, resins, cement; all type of construction material is available now because perfect chemistry of materials is known to us. We can detect composition of any substance; especially using elemental and volumetric analysis. Moreover radioactive substances have provided cheaper way of energy production. Cosmetics contain 98% organic compounds. Utensils used for different tasks are made from metals e.g. aluminum, iron, copper; or alloys like brass, stainless steel. Radiology is also being used in treating tumors, ultrasound of body parts and tracing of various substances in body. In short the science of chemistry is involved in every aspect of life.

Geography and astronomy:

Geography has us to recognize our surrounding. Scientists have classified rocks, stones, sand etc. we know the composition of land material, how many layers earth have, how mountains are formed, how rocks spilt into soil and fossils under convert into fuels; all this is the knowledge provided from the science. The phenomenon like soil erosion, soil fertility, landscaping, volcanic eruption all fall in geography. By studying land material; we are able to make required construction material especially raw material of cement and ceramics.

Not only have we explored earth with science but also beyond this. We know how the days converts into night, we know that the earth is not stationary, how planets are revolving around the sun and we know that much more bigger galaxies and stars are out in there. Without science it is not possible for us to understand huge universe. Satellites stations keep analyzing universe circumstances around earth. Steroids, asteroids and metroides are also present in universe.

There are lot many branches and fields of science each having diversity of applications. There are countless benefits of science. As we know everything has positive and negative aspects; similarly science also has some disadvantages. Whenever men misuse a thing it causes something devastating. There few adverse effects of science in society.

  • Due to advancement in knowledge, man has made delectatory weapons which resulted in world wars.
  • People are extensively using chemicals in daily routine either it is food or beauty products with knowing their reactions on them. Particularly skin cancer is mostly caused by applying hazardous chemicals on skin.
  • Our youth has become addicted to social media. They waste their time in useless activities.
  • Radiations from devices cause health issues e.g. eyesight weakness, severe headache, cancer and effects growth.
  • Lots of comforts has been made man lazy.
  • Mental growth is largely affected due to radiations.
  • Industrial revolution has been resulted in environmental pollution all over the word.
  • Piousness gases from industries are damaging Ozone layer.
  • Although robotics and machines helped us but these have resulted in unemployment.
  • Noise pollution increasing day by day because of noise being generated from automobiles, air cooler, T.V, grinder etc.
  • Global warming is major problem today due to heat released from appliances.
  • Fossil fuel is depleting; a large amount of fuel is used to derive machines in industries.


The science is not damaging as such but man excessive relay on technology has made natural environment unstable and also harming biodiversity. Science is way for someone to recognize oneself and its surrounding. Well knowing nations play greater part in development. In short, science is the mother of all invention.

Author: Tashfa

Editor: Ayman Ilyas


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