Is Search Engine make us less smart?

The set of rules by which Google orders search results is spectacular beneficial for researchers because it provide easiest way of researching any topic, anywhere conveniently.

For the valid, exact and a lot of information of relevant topic which a researcher does research, search engines play a key role for finding exact information fastly.

Importance of search engine in our daily life.

Search engine becomes the important tool for billions of internet users around the globe. It allows all webs to receive data in a systematic order and now it becomes the essential tool for business purposes also. In our daily lives, we  can do research at any topic, issue, for health guidelines, for academic purposes, for exercises, for cooking, entertainment and much more so it has remarkable place in our lives that cannot be denied.

Is search engine making us less smart?

For searching of any topic all people don’t want to read all websites and collect relevant information. So, majority wants information as quickly as possible. So, researcher use search engine tools so that people can easily access to the relevant topic and collect data speedily.

In my opinion, I don’t think search engines make us less smart even it make us smarter and sharper and We can prepare ourselves before every conversation to anyone.

Is Google making us less intelligent?

Google give us all types of information, means we don’t need to go outside and research by itself. So, firstly it give us sedentary lifestyle and due to this we got enormous diseases either they are physically or mentally.

At one side, it make us smarter and other side it also make us less intelligent because we will not be able to differentiate between which information is correct and which is not due to less researching.


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