Driving of global public hunger?

What’s driving global public anger?

The agitation that enveloped the whole Middle East in 2011 expanded its boundaries unprecedentedly and reached at the doors of India, South America, and Europe last year. The only thing common between the Arab Spring and protests in 2019 was utter dissatisfaction among the commoners towards their ruling elite. Either it is Modi’s India or an ongoing confrontation between GNA and Haftar, people are not sure where to seek inactivity. By inspecting the events that shaped the headlines of the previous year, poverty, insecurity, distrust, increased cost of living and inequality were present in almost every demonstration.


One astonishing fact that surprised the whole world was what happened in Europe last year. It is quite true that both Pro-Independence demonstrations in Spain and Yellow Vest movement going on in France made this continent unstable. Another peaceful illustration to safeguard their freedom was seen by the people of Hong kong. In fact, what China wanted to do in the name of the extradition bill was unacceptable to them at any cost. Either its Iraq where identity crisis is looming or its harris Lebanon where ongoing sectarianism brought the country down to its knees made this region vulnerable to foreigners. Though there was a clear violation of rights in Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, and Haiti what Modi did to his Muslim subjects was the last nail to the coffin.


Now let us analyze the factors that brought people to the streets and let them do what they never intended. Nearly in every country, the incumbent ruling class wanted to retain their power as long as they could by pressurizing their subjects by any means. Corruption reached an unprecedented level due to which unemployment and poverty increased. Sectarianism, ethnonationalism and religious fanaticism played a key role in shaping these events. Finally, inequality, as it happened in Lebanon and India, was a decisive factor behind these demonstrations.

Author: Ali Ahmed

Editor: Ayman Ilyas

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