COVID-19 Pandemic

“This is ENOUGH! COVID-19”

COVID-19 is the most complicated disaster of the time. The whole world is facing this disastrous epidemic today. Even the superpower America is under countenance. It has en­gulfed thousands of lives around the world. But proper medication is still unavailable. This poses a greater responsibility for Scientists. Now, this is time to defeat corona with our responsible acts, knowledge abilities, manpower, and all other means that we avail. HUMAN BEING is the GREATEST creature of ALLAH ALMIGHTY. ALLAH has rewarded us with great abilities to feel, think about, understanding and manage. HE tests us at times to polish our abilities. COVID-19 is a TASK for us and we have to accomplish this task. COVID-19 is nothing before us if we best utilize our abilities. ALLAH ALMIGHTY never put a man in a disaster which is out of his abilities.

So we have to stand together to fight against COVID-19

COVID-19 is a new virus, but not an unknown species on earth. We have excellent knowledge of the virus. Making a vaccine is not new to us. We have made vaccines against Poliovirus, Smallpox, Hepatitis B. No doubt, working on vaccines against Hepatitis C and AIDS virus (RNA enveloped) is under progress. Mumps, measles and influenza are also RNA enveloped viral infections and vaccines are available against these infections. This is one of the greatest hints for our research on COVID-19.

These are our great achievements and will be very helpful in taking a step forward. The need for the day is to put the whole stress aside because this is the stress of sudden outbreak and exponential spread of infection, which has made the situation terrible for our scientists and stunt their minds.

So scientists should relax first and then prepare themselves to say,

This is Enough! COVID-19 your time is OVER now

Besides this, we also have to play our role in this WAR against COVID-19. We should strictly follow preventive measures to beat this battle against a silent enemy. In this way, we will be able to illuminate this rubbish from our beloved Land.



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