learn Direct and Indirect Speech with simple tricks and methods

What Will I Learn?

  • The importance and use of direct and indirect speech (reported speech)

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learn Direct and Indirect Speech



Definition of direct and indirect speech with simple example

Reporting speech and Reported speech and the rule of changing.

2nd rule of changing direct into indirect speech

3rd rule of changing direct and indirect speech

Kinds of direct and indirect speech

Remaining kinds of direct and indirect speech

About the instructors

Ayman Naz

Language Instructor

Assalam-o-Alaikum, Welcome to all students in this course. This course is specially designed for all those students who want to Speak and Write English fluently and confidently without any grammar mistakes. After this course,
  • you will be able to Speak English confidently in Public
  • you can write articles, assignments, and presentation without any grammar mistakes
  • In this course, IELTS practice is also included
After IELTS, you can apply for higher studies in foreign countries.
Hope  you guys, you will definitely get full knowledge and grip on your conversation. So, Hurry up, and Enroll in this course and enjoy your course. Thanking you, Regards Ayman Naz  
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  • Basic knowledge of English

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  • Anyone can learn