The individuals or organisms which are present in an area at a particular time called population. The study of population is called demography.

When life starts in the biosphere, rarely people were present. With the passage of time, when life evolves, it became complex. A lot of outcomes developed with the enlargement of population e.g.

  • Starvation
  • Unemployment
  • Crime
  • Terrorism
  • Innovation
  • Scientific achievement
  • The massive production of goods and services etc.

Overpopulation both has advantages and disadvantages. If we take overpopulation as human capital then it will be advantageous.

Human capital means

“Economic development with unlimited supplies of labor”

We can say that a person who has skills, knowledge, and experience are included in human capital. The population as human capital has great importance. It is very beneficial for the development or the establishment of the country or a nation. The population as human capital makes the world a better place.

Example of a population as human capital in China and Japan. These two countries are developed countries and it was the population that made their countries developed and successful.

The population is a blessing. Due to the population, we can overcome the problems. If we all stand (united), then no one can fall us.

Pakistan includes under developing countries and it is all because of overpopulation. In Pakistan, there is a lack of overpopulation as human capital. Overpopulation is the root of all the problems. Either we have to control overpopulation or we have to do institutional development to allocate sufficient resources to convert this overpopulation into human capital. People of Pakistan are most talented if they give a chance then they will make history.

If we compare the population of different countries then we will come to know which country is going up and which country is going down due to overpopulation.

  • China – 18.5%
  • India – 17.9%
  • S – 4.3%
  • Indonesia- 3.5%
  • Brazil – 2.8%
  • Pakistan -2.6%
  • Nigeria – 2.6%
  • Bangladesh-2.2%
  • Thailand -0.9%

According to the economic survey of Pakistan, Pakistan is at 6TH number.

With the passage of time, population increases but there is no increase in the development. People are still dull and inactive. Due to the more use of mobile phones or technology, people are bound to these technologies. They didn’t think about their selves. They just waste their time using them without any purpose.

Overpopulation in Pakistan has a negative impact on the country.  If the people are idle then there is no benefit of overpopulation. So, in developing countries overpopulation is a great threat to the country.

David Foreman said:

I believe that human overpopulation is the fundamental problem on earth today and we humans have become a disease, the human pox.

The causes of overpopulation are

  • Unemployment
  • The high population growth rate
  • Need for more earning hands
  • Afghan refugees
  • Low death rate
  • A low standard of living
  • Low income with more children
  • Early marriages
  • Illiteracy

Overpopulation develops a negative effect on society. It greatly influences people’s lives in a negative sense.

  1. Family in which the number of children present, their parents can’t afford expenses of all children and illiteracy develops
  2. Due to unemployment, starvation takes place.
  3. When starvation starts, different types of crime produces.

A lot of problems created due to overpopulation.


The preventive measures for overpopulation are

  • Education should be given to all people either male or female.

Harry Holkeri said:

I do not want to speak about overpopulation or birth control, but I think education is the way to give new impetus to the poverty question.

  • We have to overcome unemployment which is done by controlling the population.
  • When population is under control, then sources of employment increase.
  • When sources increase, then starvation decreases.
  • When we overcome starvation then crime will also decrease and then there will be no terrorism
  • After all this, society will be better and the country will go to development.

It is better to do it right than right away”





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